Get to the root
Do you feel you’ve been doing endless therapy or practicing diverse forms of healing and yet something still feels stuck, muddled or unyielding? Sometimes symptoms and patterns are asking us to pay attention to messages from our soul, our guides, ancestors and other spirits. I am able to listen to those messages and work with you to understand their meaning and find the way through.

About me

I have had the intuitive gift since childhood. Back then, no one around me was able to guide me on how to channel and use it, and it was regarded as something to be suspicious or fearful about. So I didn’t fully embrace it until much later.

As I grew more experienced and confident, I started to pay attention to my intuitive and psychic abilities again. While completing my master’s in psychology and gaining clinical experience, I realized that my true calling was working with the energy body, intuition and the spirit realm; psychology was a stepping stone towards this new way of working. Then I started to get energy healing and training, and my abilities blossomed.

Profound energetic, intuitive and spiritual healing
In my sessions I use a variety of techniques, often all in the same session: energy reading and healing; psychic and medium abilities; and psychology. My sessions go really deep and tend to touch stuck or untended places that otherwise might take years of psychotherapy to reach. I am comfortable and skilled with trauma and intense experiences and the emotions that uncovering them may bring for you.

About you

I work best with people who have done healing work on themselves, in whatever way works for them: from psychotherapy and meditation to spirit journeys and energy healing, and all modalities in between.

I specialize in working with people who are recovering from great losses, or who are feeling stuck and hopeless and are eager to create a shift in their lives. Because of my diverse training and life experiences, I am skilled at working with big feelings and intense experiences or trauma.

My sessions often uncover deep layers of wounding to be healed or brought into awareness. There can also be a component of shedding outworn or false identities in favor of new ways of being that serve you better on your current path.


These intuitive sessions incorporate: reading and channeling energy, clearing and healing, and working with your chakra energy systems and your energy body. We may be working with different aspects of yourself that are called to integrate, past life communications and somatic expression.

How I honor your request
My sessions are a collaborative dialog between you, me, your guides and other entities that show up during our time together. I do my best to honor your questions and concerns as you bring them. At the same time, I am always listening to what’s being channeled through me from your guides; this parallel process really informs where the session goes as well. As a result, sometimes it may take some flexibility and trust on your part that we’ll get to your concern. A very common outcome is that your concern is answered in ways that are wildly different to what you envisioned originally.

To schedule a Phone Session, please reach out via phone or text (415) 915-4879, or email jacquilauderbaugh@gmail.com.

Session Payment and Cancellation Policy:
I offer a 70 minute session with a sliding scale of $160 – $250. This rate and length applies to virtual and phone appointments as well.   I do offer sessions for multiple people and the fee rate applies per person.

I accept, credit cards, checks and cash and sessions must  be paid in full at time of the appointment. I also accept payment through Venmo and PayPal.

Venmo:  @Jacqui-Lauderbaugh

Please provide 48 hours notice to cancel your appointment. Late cancellations or no-shows will result in the full payment of a $160 fee. Consideration will be given to late cancellations due to emergencies or unanticipated events.

If you are unable to find a time that works for you schedule, please feel free to reach out.